Because of missing configuration lines in the FrincBackup.config.template FrincBackup was unable to locate SQLite database drivers in case there was no SQLite installation on your system. Because the fix is just a configuration issue there is no need for a new FrincBackup binary version. I uploaded a new archive to SourceForge containing the changed configuration template.

Getting FrincBackup Version Information

  • For getting FrincBackup version information click "About" in the menu bar.
  • Version consist of three position X.Y.Z.
    • First position indicates the main version. This position will only be changed, if FrincBackup features make a giant step.
    • Second position indicates a release bringing new features aside to possible bug fixes.
    • Third position indicates a patch version. A patch will only fix bugs of the release
  • Version information may also be obtained from FrincBackup.exe file properties
  • File version of TBackup.dll and FrincBackup.dll schould always match the FrincBackup version.
  • Version of EntityFramework.dll, libjfunx.dll and the sqlite dlls are different. Version changes are documented in the change log.

Download version

  • FrincBackup binaries are delivered as zip file.
  • Zip file is named FrincBackup followed by the FrincBackup binary version.
  • In cases of corrupt deliveries (missing files, wrong configuration files):
    • The archive will not be deleted.
    • A additional archive will be updated named fix1 / fix2 ...
  • Download only the latest fix version.