FrincBackup Changelog

FrincBackup is still beta!

V2.2.0 (upcoming)


  • If there was a source directory which was not existent any longer the whole scan process failed (FB-1).


  • consistence check could now be executed in preview mode (no changes on database)
  • file sizes are now shown in an adequate unit instead of horrible kilobytes in most places.

under-the-hood improvements and changes

  • uses libjfunbx.dll V 2.3.0
  • enabled the RelectingFileLogger from libjfunx (write calling classes and methods to logfile)


  • added a function to delete outdated files in order to free space on full backup media
  • most GUI functions are now locked, while a job is running to prevent missbehaviour by unintented user interaction


  • fixed crash of copy statistics under certain circumstances
  • translated some german labels into english
  • removed "List sources" from Sources menu (not needed any longer)
  • removed "List media" from Media menu (not needed any longer)
  • add license information to the about box
  • fixed crash of consistency check on some system


  • first sourceforge release