How FrincBackup works

The two phase backup procedure

The backup procedure of FrincBackup works in two phases. In a first phase it will scan all your sources and save the file information as size, creation and modification date into a database.

In a second phase, all files based on the database entrys will be copied to your backup storage, which may also be different removable storage devices as USB hard disks.


One first full backup

There must be an inital full backup which will copy all files.

The ongoing incremental backups

After the first full backup FrincBackup will recognize changed files in your sources next time, based on the informations which were stored in database the last time. It will mark the files on database, which where new or changed. Next time FrincBackup will just copy this files.


File history

FrincBackup will not overwrite files in your backup destination. For each backup turn FrincBackup will create a unique directory on your backup device (date + time) and backup the files into this directory.